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We are professionals, artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers, marketers who know that we’re created to serve the One and Only Creator of All Things.

Our mission is to tell real, compelling stories of everyday people who are doing their best to make use of what God has given them.

Together, we are Chapel.




  • God exists and cares for each of us.
  • Our existence is not an accident, but purposeful.
  • Individuals are uniquely valuable, regardless of their talents/abilities.
  • All people are called to use what they’ve been given to benefit people and creation.
  • Using stories to highlight the above can be extraordinarily powerful.
  • Living a life of faith is everything but boring.
  • Jesus.




Below are a few guidelines that will help you decide if you & Chapel would be a good fit.

Be you

We want real stories, writing is easier when you write what you honestly think and when you believe in your piece, don’t try to copy someone else’s writing style!

We are interested in what you as an individual have to say.

Stay natural

We know you have your own opinions, and while these matter and are important, remember you are writing for an audience. Try to stay neutral on politics, denominations, etc.

Stay current

If your piece is about something on the news remember that what is important today might not be important tomorrow. Try to write about current or long-term events.

Be inclusive

We’re a community! Yes we ask that if you write for us that you share our beliefs, but try to stay away from using Christian jargon. Remember readers might be encountering faith for the first time! Try using clear and straight-forward words, sometimes simple is more powerful!

Email with your ideas!

If you have photographs that work with your piece, send them through as attachments.

Don’t forget your name, a short bio, a profile photo, and the website/blog people can associate you with!

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Note: 16-18 year olds must have permission from a parent or guardian to use this service.

We will only use your email for this conversation. We never share data with third parties.