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We are constantly being bombarded by noise, it’s everywhere we go, and everything we do is filled with distractions.

There is always a new show to watch on Netflix, a new album on Spotify, 10,000 new photos on Instagram, and our Twitter feed keeps reminding us that we are constantly, and always missing out on some event. There is just too much happening around us.
All of the time.

So when do you find time to slow down? When do you let your soul recharge, and most importantly when do you spend time with God?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about these questions, and honestly I regret to say I don’t slow down, I don’t allow time for my soul to recharge, and sadly I don’t spend enough time with God.

This weekend I listened to a podcast that really got me thinking about my habits, and the way I spend my time. At the end of it I wanted to throw away my mobile, and move to a cabin in the woods, and though that would be a quick fix, it’s not a very practical solution.

I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with our phones, watching a show, or listening to music; however I do think there needs to be a balance with it all. The problem starts when we begin filling up our days with things that keep us entertained, and we don’t allow any quiet moments in our lives; when we stop seeking, and listening to The One who created us, and start listening to what everything and everyone in the world is telling us.

That’s when things get messy.

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that the less I spend time with God, the more I give room for chaos in my life. Maybe chaos looks different for you, but for me chaos comes in the form of anxiety, and fear. It comes in the form of self doubt, and because I’m an introvert by nature I tend to hide away, and distract myself with everything at hand. Everything but a little time with God.

I think it’s vital for our souls to take a step back to allow ourselves a few minutes and perhaps depending on your personality a few hours of silence throughout the day. I think it’s key for a well-balanced life to learn to shut up all the noise, and to welcome God into our days.

Perhaps it’s time we start nurturing our relationship with The One who loves us the most, and who is there waiting for us to let him speak truth and light into our daily lives. The One who is always wanting a deeper connection with us, but that we so often put in the back of our busy agendas.

I’m going to start by giving myself 10 minutes of peace, and quietness, and go from there.
I need it, and I have a feeling you, reading this might just need it as well.

I want to end by asking you this; How do you escape the chaos of life?

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