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Jacqueline (Jaqcui) is a multi-disciplined creative; she graduated from Central Saint Martins in Graphic Design in 201, and majored in both Illustration and Photography. In 2016 she joined AKQA as brand creative (she does it all!) where she predominantly used her skillsets in Art Direction& Photography for clients such as Nike, Jamie Oliver and Bafta. Get to know more about Jaqcui in the interview below!

What is it like working at AKQA?

Thrilling, challenging and motivating. I cherish the brilliant opportunity I have to work closely with prestigious and well-known clients; engaging in compelling projects with a talented team I have the honour of working with. I hold a great deal of respect and admiration towards my mentors and manager as they are true leaders whom are unbelievably talented, yet humble – something which I think is so refreshing and encouraging to learn from.

What has been your favourite project so far?

Quite a few of them have been secret projects, but perhaps the favourite one I can mention is for Jamie Oliver x Amazon Echo. I did the art direction of the short film which included storyboarding, directing our videographer and doing the photography myself. I was humbled and excited to see that The Jamie Oliver Skill was best in class, an essential first step towards making decisions around food more intuitive and adaptable to everyone. Read more and view about the project here.

When you’re not working how do you spend your days?

I love to cook, play the guitar and sing – jamming with other musicians, do pilates and play golf.



What’s your faith journey been like?

Real. Life is made of moments that consist of both highs and lows, but one thing I’ve always been reminded of is that through all these chapters, despite how many times I pull away, God has always been faithful. For that, I am consistently overwhelmed by his immeasurable love and endless grace, which encourages me each day to have more compassion and love to those around me.

How does God influence your work?

In everything and everywhere. There hasn’t been one project where I have started without asking for creative inspiration from the Creator above.

What is one of the things you find particularly important for Christians to do/be today?

Be the first to love and last to judge.

How would you define success?

Being challenged to be the best version of yourself in character and virtues; pursuing your passions and talents wholeheartedly in whatever context that may be.


Be the first to love and last to judge.


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