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Melody is an artist living and working in Toronto, Canada. We have been following her work very closely, and when it was time for us to create new merchandise for yesHEis (our side project) she was an obvious choice.

We love her fresh ideas, her soft, messy lines and the genuine way she shares her emotions through her art.

She kindly walked us through the process of creating these designs for us, enjoy!


When Corina approached me with the possibility of making shirt designs for yesHEis, I was excited at the fact it involved clothing. Clothing has a way of speaking something, of making a statement, whether subtle or bold. And I had the opportunity to take part in that statement. I felt very honored.



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Growing up, I went to a lot of church-led music festivals and worship conferences, and every time, I’d go to the merch tents. Before sketching ideas for these designs, I had the designs I’d seen when I was 13 and 14 years old in mind. I wanted to make something different. With most of my work, I intentionally try to stay away from clichés, phrases that we keep hearing over and over again that have, in a way, become dead to us. I like to create something fresh, but also simple and straightforward. And I wanted to bring that into these shirt designs.

Not only did I want to write out phrases that would say something, but I also wanted to make it visually interesting—something someone would want to wear, and not only at church or youth group. I wanted these phrases to be personal reminders: ‘I am with you’. I wanted them to speak of battles won: ‘Be courageous’; personal longings and heart pulls: ‘I want to live in love’; truths we don’t say enough: ‘Oh how beautiful it is to be alive’; and truths that give us courage to keep being: ‘You felt fully so I can feel fully too’. I didn’t want to try to make Jesus look cool. I didn’t want to try to make faith look attractive. I knew that if I created something from my heart, out of conversation with Him, it was going to hit people in the heart, the way it did mine. Simply and honestly.

That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?



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