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Meet Jason. Easily put; Jason is a creator, but we’ll let him tell you a bit more about all the exciting things he’s up to! (Because he seems to do it all!) He’s Canadian, and lots of fun!

We photographed him at the lovely Stepthirtyone Studio which we’ve already bragged about on this interview! Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi Chapel! I’m from Canada’s west, entered the world in Alberta, and spent the last five years of my life on BC’s beautiful coast. At the moment I live with my wife and partner in London GB. We moved from Vancouver to London for Jenna’s studies and to follow the wind of the spirit; it has been a bit of a wild ride.

Your photography is beautiful, and we also stumbled upon your music. Are these two your main source of income or is one more of a side project?

Thanks! Music has been my primary source of income for the last five years as I dove into the challenges and joys of creating art and finding a way to make a living while doing so. It has been an interesting ride as music industry change has forced artists to find new ways to make revenue. We’ve ended up having our best success through producing for films & TV. It has been wonderful to see songs I’ve created carry the heart of the kingdom onto shows that reach a worldwide audience.

Photography for me has primarily been a love thing. Capturing the beauty of the earth & the human body are two areas that remain intriguing & inspiring to me. Both are in constant flux, continually revealing the image of God. A photo is so profound because it captures this moment in time that can never be revisited apart from that particular photograph or our personal memory of the moment.

Everything in existence is in this constant state of evolving, growing, changing, and dying. An image gives us this little glimpse through the eyes of God, who sees all of existence as one perpetual moment. Us in our past, our future, our now, is all seen as a oneness by God. Before we were, what we are, and who we will become. It brings into perspective the moments of our greatest beauty and deepest shame. Image all of us in this glorious picture seen by the eyes of the creator; seen by eyes that only know love towards us. This idea guides the photos that are important to me, when I’m capturing a moment or person with this aim, it makes me feel aligned with God.

And you’re starting a new business; tell us a little bit about that.

A few years ago I began a fairly significant deconstruction of my faith and it’s affected how I see my life’s purpose, creating a pull to pursue impact beyond the art world. I began a Masters in Global Leadership and started working on ways to combine business with social purpose. Moving to London presented some new opportunities and I’m in the early stages of building a digital bank that enables our generation to spend smart and give more.

Banking and money have often been viewed as things that are disempowering or sources of anxiety. We want to change this so people feel empowered with their money to get good at it, grow it, and impact the world while they do it. We’re in stealth mode right now but if anyone wants to be a part of what we’re doing she or he can sign up for early access at


Staying childlike and embracing failure is a major factor in achieving anything. It produces the boldness needed to throw yourself into areas beyond your current skills and to grow.




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What is one of the biggest challenges about starting Lovebank (Lvbnk)

The most significant challenge that I face is self-doubt. As a creative person, I always have a flow of ideas & plans but sitting down to achieve these plans is much more challenging. The only remedy I’ve found is to stay insatiably curious with the humility to constantly ask questions and learn. There’s no shame in trying and failing, but as we get older we seem to take this shame one.

Where would you like to see it go?

We’re starting with an app and card to spend smart, give more. I’d love to see it grow into a full-scale banking platform where you can do everything you would want to with money. The Uber of money with a social purpose!

What time of day do you feel the most creative/ productive?

I used to think it was late nights but definitely in the morning. I’ll get up early shower, meditate, brew coffee, then jump right into a creative task. It’s best when I have the discipline to not check social media but just begin work.



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How does your faith play a role in what you do?

Christ’s message of reconciliation, healing, and the kingdom is the foundation for everything that I do. Seeing the divine in all of life, in the light and the dark has changed me. Showcasing that image of God and working for humanities flourishing have become the guides for my life & work.

Who or what is one of your greatest inspirations and how did they impact you? Where do you find inspiration?

Lately, I’ve found inspiration in the voices of marginalised communities and those working to defend women’s rights and bring social equality. Christ always stood on the side of the oppressed, but in the west the church/religious right have often taken on the role of the oppressor. The voices inside & outside of the church that courageously call-out those in power and challenge the systems that perpetuate oppression inspire me to live a life that truly has purpose.

When life seems to be a bit quiet what kind of things or activities motivate you?

I feel driven by a sense of call to bring beauty into the world so whenever I’m in a place of rest this always bubbles up.

What does success look like for you?

Getting back up after failure and embracing continual learning & growth.

What scares you?

Being publicly shamed by the digital mob.

What helps you overcome that fear?

Knowing that the digital mob is made up of people with their own fears, insecurities and mistakes, and at the end of the day, we all want to be loved and to love.


What is one of the things you find particularly important for Christians to do/be today?

Having gone through a bit of a faith deconstruction, I’ve seen many of the values that Christians are known for no longer align with my values. In particular this arrogance around thinking the church knows the “right” vision for the world. Having humility to learn and see where the kingdom is already at work is the biggest thing.

Christ didn’t come in the package that religious people were expecting but in one that was offensive and easy to disregard. At times, it feels like the church is just missing where God is at work in the world because this work looks very little like Christian culture. If we’re not careful we can hold this colonial view of Christianity which attempts to “colonize” culture for Christ. I think in the end this misses the boat and is damaging.

Ok let’s end this with a few lighter subjects:

Favorite trip of 2016/2017 so far

I went on a surf trip to Lanzarate with some new pals from London and we just climbed volcanoes and swam in the ocean daily.
It was magic.

Describe a perfect day off

A perfect day off would happen after some moment of accomplishment, maybe a record released or some money made, and spent with friends and campfires. It would definitely include coffee, tasty food, mountains, oceans, and just a bit too much craft beer or red wine.



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