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Big decisions require big faith, but what happens when we feel unable to muster up that kind of faith to match those decisions? When faced with significant life decisions such as a physical move from one place to another, making a large purchase, or leaving a stable job, it’s never easy. Every decision comes with some level of risk. Most of the time that risk is small and the odds are stacked in our favour. But at other times the risk feels monumental, and we feel like an old, desperate gambler who is at the end of a long night, unsure whether the next hand of cards will bring riches or poverty.

Recently, my wife and I moved halfway across the world from Berkeley, California to London, England with our little pup, Saydee. With three suitcases each, we packed up our 2010 Jeep and drove 5,500 miles across the US to see family. Then all of a sudden we found ourselves standing at the edge of the airport in London, trying to hail a taxi to get to our temporary housing. We both left incredible jobs with fantastic pay, in an area of the world that has some of the best landscapes, weather, food, and people.

There were a lot of factors that played into making this decision. The first is that around April 2016 I felt that there was a change coming to my life. I told a few friends about it, but mostly kept it to myself until I had more clarity. Which eventually was that this was would be a significant life change. The second factor and the one that proved to be the primary catalyst, was the passing of my wife’s father. We asked ourselves questions like, “What’s next for us?” and, “What the heck are we doing with our lives?” So, we began to pray and dream, and ultimately it led us to pursue our next step, which was for my wife to head back to school and snag a master’s degree. We always knew this was going to be a part of the plan, but after much prayer and thought and conversation, I knew without a doubt that this was the right timing; God was opening up every door we needed.

Making a big decision (which is really just a bag filled with smaller but still huge choices) isn’t easy. I’d be lying if I said I always had the faith to see beyond what my near-sighted vision allows for. The truth is, it’s easy to lose faith if it’s not fought for. Some scriptures speak of faith to move the mountains and faith to see the blind healed. But sometimes I just struggle to believe that I’ll be able to get through the day without messing something up. Having faith takes effort and trust, especially when you don’t know what’s going to happen. The Bible states that faith which isn’t complemented by works is dead. The ‘works’ we need to do is often to simply trust and put our faith in God. The God who is able to do exceedingly more than we ask or desire, and let that squash out our fear that we’ll be abandoned or lied to. God isn’t a liar.

This doesn’t mean that everything will work out how we think it should. Rather that our spirits will become content with whatever happens because we trust a God who loves us beyond measure. A Good Father that desires to speak to His children and show us His character. When it comes to making big decisions, the best decision is to put your faith in God and seek first His kingdom and righteousness; He’ll make your path straight.

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