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During her UK trip Allie stopped to chat with us about faith, fears and the importance of transparency in social media.

Check out her Instagram feed and read her raw and vulnerable captions. We believe the internet is such a powerful tool and we love meeting people who are using it to encourage and uplift others. People that share about the good and the not so god things in life, but overall people that shine a light on subjects that some people tend to leave in the darkness.



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Who is Al Anderson? 

I’m a letter writer born and bred in Michigan but living in California. I am obsessed with dogs. I love connecting with people one and one.

What do you love most about you do?

My day to day job is probably seeing the kids I nanny grow up week to week. It just blows my mind how fast they mold their minds and I mean… the imagination of a kid is one of my favorite things.

How does your faith play a role in what you do?

I spend the majority of my time working alone, so I guess I’ve always used that time to pray, worship and rest in Him.

You’ve moved a lot! Where do you consider home to be, and why?

Haha, yeah I have moved a lot. I think Michigan will always be my home but only because my family is there. I truly have no connection to the actual place. Now that I’m engaged I’ve learned that I could truly live anywhere if he is with me.

What role does community play in your work/life?

Because I have moved so much community plays a HUGE role in my day to day life. They act as my family IN my city. They pour into me and look out for my best self and I do the same for them.


I think if a process is messy, so be it! I don’t want someone to think I have my life together just because of the photos I post.


What are you most excited about this year?

Although Wedding Planning is such a drag right now I’m really excited to marry my best friend and start this new chapter and see what kind of wife God built me to be.

Who or what is one of your greatest inspirations and how did they impact you?

It’s hard for me to choose my biggest inspiration. I think I have had different ones through different seasons of my life. I think right now (which I don’t think will change) it is my fiancé. He pushes me to never settle and tells me when things are too small and I need to dream bigger. I adore that about him. Also, I mean, all women everywhere, obviously. Especially my mum, she’s the strongest woman I know. There is nothing like sitting down with another woman and talk about our daily life struggles or encounters.

When life seems to be a bit quiet, and monotone what kind of things or activities motivate you?

I love to dance when things seems dull or get too serious. I’m not kidding! I actually dance everywhere. I don’t know, I guess I have just always done that and it’s always helped. When I need to get a fresh breath of things reading and writing usually helps me too. I love writing stories.


You’re pretty vulnerable on social media, and while that is very inspiring and encouraging. How do you deal with being so open on a very public space?

I think The Lord has done insane heart surgery on me. I used to not like to share anything about my thoughts or my insecurities. I began to see the bravery in writing about my imperfections and saw that my insecurities are something I share with others and to be honest, it makes me feel like more of a human when I’m not alone in that feeling.

Why do you think it’s important to be real in front of ‘strangers’?

Because I don’t think I have anything to gain by lying or hiding who I am. Everything everyone sees are things are processes I go through daily. I am engaged, sure? But I’m still healing from past hurt and I feel like I need to write about it and I think that’s a normal thing. I think if a process is messy, so be it! I don’t want someone to think I have my life together just because of the photos I post. There is more to me than that and I try to portray that in my writing.

We believe God puts dreams and desires in our hearts. What is one of your biggest dreams?

Ooooo! I believe that too and I think dreams are so important. Keet (fiancé) and I are dreamers. My dream would be to become a mum and be able to travel and write stories about all the people that have impacted me on the way. I just wanna write books. Gosh. That’s all I wanna do. Have kids, love my husband and see the world that I live in.

And completely opposite, what is one of your biggest fears?

My biggest fear is not only letting the people I love down but letting myself down. Not doing what I set my mind too. Hate the thought of that.

What helps you overcome it?

I push harder. I don’t stop. I hustle.



Find Allison Anderson



Find Allison Anderson


Ok, let’s end this with a few lighter subjects:

What are you listening to lately?

I have been listening to a lot of the Newest United Pursuit album. I’m always listening to anything from The Cure to Chance The Rapper. I just don’t do country.

Describe a perfect day off

The perfect day is wandering around a city with Keet, writing and taking photos, talking to locals, hearing a good story or two, eating good food, being with people I love and ending the night with a film.

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