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L.A native Steph Martinez has a deep love for all things music, business, leadership, and compassion.

A few of her favourite things include journaling, traveling, investing hope, and championing people to live their lives to the fullest! She seems pretty don’t you think? Get to know more about her heart for people on the interview below.

How did you start your career?

To be honest, it all started in a coffee shop back in 2010. Every morning I would sit inside a local cafe near my house for two hours writing in my journal. Eventually, I started a blog and hashtag called #sheiscaptivated after hearing it in a dream – kind of crazy, right? Following that, I started running social media for my church (Hillsong LA) and within a couple of months, was offered a job at The Giving Keys and running marketing on my own. I thought I was crazy for saying yes since I didn’t have any schooling behind me, but with a lot of prayer and seeking a lot of wise counsel and willing creative partnerships, God really helped me steer this ship.

Which people in the creative industry have influenced you and how so?

I have been blessed with many creative friends and leaders who literally inspire me and speak wisdom into my life every day. My friend Jess Puccinelli, Jackie Lihiang, and Laura Piety have been my biggest influences. They’re just women who bring so much excellence and literally help me sort my thoughts out constantly. We have a crazy powerhouse of women entrepreneurs in LA and I guess that always causes me to give it a go.

What has been one of the best experiences of becoming a freelancer?

Getting to work on more than one project. Even better than that, I’ve been able to bring other brilliant creatives beside me on my projects who I believe in. Watching them succeed is my greatest joy. Plus, we laugh a lot.


Freelancing is lonely, so the more you can laugh, the better you’ll do!




What are you passionate about?

At the base of everything, Jesus. It’s not cliche to me. I really want His love to be communicated through everything I put my hand or my thought to. I also care about people and I want to be a part of the movement that gets people’s eyes off the negative and onto what is possible (and with faith, that’s anything).

What do you remember/consider as one of your biggest steps of faith?

Saying yes to the right risks. To things I don’t think I’m cut out for. Ditching my perspective of me, and taking on God’s opinion of who I am and what’s possible. It’s a daily decision; in conversations, in relationships, in work, in leadership, management. Especially when fear clouds me, I’ve just learned to do it anyways because of the conviction within me.

What has been your favourite project so far?

I have been so blessed to work on such beautiful projects. My most recent one has been with a dual genre film called The Heart of Man. A good group of guys who started this film entrusted me with communicating it to the world via social media and I’ve literally watched people be set free from years of shame and a grim perspective of God. To know anyone is set free from condemnation is, for me, a huge win.

When you’re not working how do you spend your days?

Well, currently I’m writing this from Bristol. So I’d say, travel is pretty tops if I can manage it a couple times a year. However, I’m mostly at the beach. Rest and wonder are really important to me, so I genuinely make time for that.

How does God influence your work?

Honestly, I won’t take a job that compromises the outworking of hope and healing for people. I understand that not everything I do will be like this, but I try my best to live by my convictions. God has always provided the work. When working with people, I do my best to communicate with kindness, understanding, and patience.

What is one of the things you find particularly important for Christians to do/be today?

One, remember who you are as a child of God and operate from that place. In whatever you do, do it as a reflection of your love for Jesus – even if you’re looking after a friend’s children. Two, serve people by listening to what they have to share and leave them better than the way you found them.

What are you praying/dreaming for for the next year?

My prayers are all over, haha. Some are very practical and some are so big it’s hard to actualize it in my mind. I guess at the end of it all, my heart is to remain tender to what God’s heart aches for, to shine brightly wherever I am, and to see heaven meet earth. It’s a great big adventure, and I’m not gripping anything too tightly.



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Serve people by listening to what they have to share and leave them better than the way you found them.


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