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Meet 22 year old Lexie Glass from Portsmouth. Lexie recently moved to Bristol to join the team at ‘Something More‘ when she’s not attempting to learn a new language she speaks three! English, French, and Spanish) You can find her reading a book, drinking a nice cup of coffee or admiring anything polished concrete.

We’re excited for you to read about Lexie’s travels, faith and a few of her favourite books.

You’ve recently joined ‘Something More’ Tell us a bit about the organization and your role there.

I find it hard to come up with a succinct answer when someone asks me what Something More is, because the reality is that we do a whole lot of different things. I suppose if you were to strip it all back to the core, we creatively communicate faith. Our passion is to make Jesus known, be that through our online articles and content, our design work, our clothing– everything is cultivated with Him at the centre.

A lot of my responsibilities centre around The Academy, our new creative platform where we encourage our community to explore the intersection between faith and creativity through the production of inspiring and transformative content. Without a doubt, helping to shape and share the stories that these incredibly creative individuals have on their hearts strengthens and inspires my faith every single day. It’s a pretty dreamy job to be honest.



If we were all a bit more real, a bit more honest, practiced what we preached a little bit more, then I’m convinced we would see transformation on a much larger scale then we are currently.


You lived in Costa Rica is that right? For how long, what did you do there?

Yes! Costa Rica is the one! I was there for just shy of 8 months working in a few different universities with students as part of the national movement ECU (Estudiantes Cristianos Unidos). I studied French and Hispanics at Uni and so my time in CR counted towards my year abroad which was amazing. I’m counting down the days until I get to go back. Although I love Europe a lot, there’s something about Hispanic culture that I just can’t get enough of.

What do you think are the biggest cultural differences between South America and the UK?

Relationships. Over here in Europe we’re goal orientated, whereas in Central America every single person I met or worked with was person orientated. It didn’t matter if you were on your way to a meeting and ran into someone on the street, you’d always stay and chat, they were the priority. It was amazing to be welcomed into a culture so quickly, I’d lived and worked in France for 6 months previously, and despite being way more familiar with the culture, found it a hundred times harder to settle in quite the same way.

How does God influence your work?

I couldn’t do it without Him, quite simply. He inspires my writing, He guides my projects, He gives me a deeper purpose. Like I said already, He’s at the centre of all we do as individuals and as a team. What greater source of creativity is there to go to than the Creator of all things?

What do you remember/consider as one of your biggest steps of faith?

It’s split between my year abroad, and my move to Bristol. Both of those steps were totally outside of my comfort zone, they required me to leave behind my happy bubble, they were both choices which left me totally dependent on Him. One thing I’m determined not to do in life, and please hold me to this, is stick to my comfort zone – it’s just so life limiting and faith crushing. In our comfort zone, we put God into this manageable little box, and then feel surprised when we don’t see Him moving. Those 2 moves were without a doubt the best things I could have done, as tricky as some of the moments were. They helped me to grow and to develop my own relationship with God, rather than just lean on the stories and experiences of others.




In our comfort zone, we put God into this manageable little box, and then feel surprised when we don’t see Him moving.


What are you passionate about?

Real faith, meaningful relationships, good coffee.

What is one of the things you find particularly important for Christians to do/be today?

To be real, to practise authenticity, to have integrity. It’s so easy to be won over by ‘cool’ fads, or to feel like we need to dilute our faith to suit everyone else, but that’s so damaging. I think if we were totally honest, we’d find that we were doing those things to suit our own egos anyway, not because of outside pressures.

If we were all a bit more real, a bit more honest, practised what we preached a little bit more, then I’m convinced we would see transformation on a much larger scale then we are currently.

What are you praying/dreaming for next year?

For new opportunities and new adventures. I’m naturally a planner, as much as I’d like to think I’m some spontaneous free spirit. Although having a plan can be great, it’s also a tad problematic when things don’t go as you expect. So, I’m praying instead that God will start to expand my horizons even further, that I can stop clinging onto that 5-year plan, and find comfort in wherever He leads me.

What makes you scared?

Making myself fully vulnerable in front of people. My work is normally something I keep to myself, letting it go and starting to put it out there into the world is just a bit terrifying. When it’s something you feel passionately about, or if it’s written about something you’re struggling with, the idea of other people seeing and judging it is kind of awful.

What helps you overcome that fear?

Remembering who God is and what He says about me and the talents He’s entrusted me with. I wrote about it recently on the Something More blog, it’s simple but it works every time.

What is most important to you in life?

Loving people. Simple, radical.

One book? One movie? One song?

Questions like this are the worst. Movies, pass. I watch suggestions from friends but I’m not exactly a big movie buff so I don’t really have a fave.

Books, it totally depends on my mood. My Crizzo must read at the moment is ‘The freedom of self-forgetfulness’ by Tim Keller, it literally takes 20 mins to get through, but it is SO GOOD. In terms of other literature, I’m always a big fan of the classics, so you’ll find a lot of Brontë, Austen or Dickens on my shelves. One of my goals in life is to have my own library, so the collection is ever growing.

My music tastes are quite eclectic, according to Spotify my current most played artists are Jorja Smith, Childish Gambino, Foals, Bon Iver, Camila Cabello and Frank Ocean. But give me a week and that’ll change to Lemar, Elton John, and Dido no doubt.



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