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We had an amazing time intervieweing and filming Elle Limebear. If you haven’t discovered her music yet, you are in for a massive treat. Her lyrics will hit close to home, and her sound will make you dance dance dance! Elle has recently released her debut EP which you absolutely need to add to your most played playlist.

You’re going to want to read this interview and get to know Elle more, but first enjoy listening and learning about “Find me at At Your Feet”

Watch below!




Piano by Joth Taylor


Could you tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Elle Limebear – Said like Ellie spelt like Elle, strange I know but blame my parents. And Limebear, which is the most random last name ever, but you can blame my husband Tom for the name. I used to be a Smith and now I’m a Limebear – mental!

We live together in a city called Brighton – which we LOVE! When we’re not at home we’re craving to be back in Brighton. In my bias opinion it’s the best city in the world!

I’m a worship leader, artist and songwriter. Which is still very surreal for me to say but I guess it’s what I do day to day. I used to run my own photography business which I really enjoyed doing, but in Summer 2017 God literally put a dream in my heart to pursue my own artistry and since then He’s opened door after door. It’s been a crazy journey and I’m still trying to catch up and process everything that’s happened.

I really love Satsuma’s. I really love cleaning. I hate packing to go away and I love being at home!

What’s it like living in Brighton?

Living in Brighton is the very best. It’s a beautifully eclectic and creative city. It’s on the south coast of England and the city is surrounded by countryside. So you really get the 3 best things: the sea, the city and the countryside all mashed up into one. If you’ve never been to Brighton, seriously come, you’ll love it!



How did you get started as a musician and worship leader?

I grew up in a very musical family surrounded by musicians and worship leaders. I remember from a really young age travelling around the world with my family and watching my dad lead worship and play shows to thousands of people. So I guess you could say that it runs in the family but I never really ever dreamed of doing my own thing. I always thought, that’s dad’s thing, I’ll just be a photographer. But in the summer of 2017 we were on a tour and one night I was standing at the back of the arena watching the show with my siblings and literally I heard God say to look around and take it all in. He told me that He was going to lead me into something similar. That was the moment everything changed.

I don’t really cry but I balled my eyes out for the whole show. Funnily, when we got back home from that tour a few different labels reached out to me and my husband wanting to talk and offered me a recording contract. It was so out of the blue but felt like it was a total God thing. Only He can open those kind of doors and present those kind of opportunities completely out of the blue. Since then, I’ve been writing, travelling, recording and leading worship all over the place. It’s seriously the biggest privilege and I’m so grateful to God.

What’s been your journey with God so far?

I’d say that my journey with God has been pretty consistent throughout my whole life. I’ve always had great role models around me – mainly my parents. But God became so real to me when I was around 13 years old. I was at an event with my dad and I asked God to show me that He was real, and He really did. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and everything kinda clicked into place. God is such a massive part of my everyday, I try to include Him in every aspect of my life, from big decisions to really random ones like what to wear.

As a worship leader your faith inspires what you do for work, however how do you see your faith displayed on your day to day.

Great question! My faith and relationship with God absolutely inspires my work, my writing and my leading – everything really. I just love that God is interested in the parts of my life that are completely hidden, the parts that no one else will see. Honestly, these are the things that I really care about too, because as a leader these are the defining moments that will overflow into our public lives. My biggest priority is to be as obedient and honouring of God in my private, behind closed doors life because I know how much of an impact it has when I step onto a stage to lead people or try to write a song or whatever it is. I guess you could call that authenticity, but regardless I think the hidden moments with God are the real defining moments of our lives.


I think the hidden moments with God are the real defining moments of our lives.



What do you remember/consider as one of your biggest steps of faith?

It’s the everyday choosing to follow Jesus and do the right thing that I would say is my biggest step of faith. It’s big because I feel those are the moments that really count.

Where do you find inspiration?  

My biggest inspirations are stories of people I know. Stories carry so much weight and power and they inspire me so much. Honestly, most of my songs are inspired by what some of my friends are going through or something I’d want to sing over someone I love facing hard times. Myself and my husband help out at our churches youth group every Friday. This has been one of my biggest sources of inspiration. I love young people and want to write songs that they’ll sing together or sing over themselves. I really want to see my generation and the next one coming through fully alive and loving Jesus. That vision inspires me and Tom so much!  The Bible is such a huge inspiration too, I love trying to put melodies to stories from the Bible.

What does success look like for you?

Success for me is funnily enough the thing that you can’t really measure. I don’t really ever look at stats or streaming figures. I just love getting messages from young people saying that a song has impacted or inspired them. For me that’s what it really is all about, the ones and the twos that have met with their creator through a song or video or event. That’s my dream – that our generation would know how much Jesus loves them. I know that’s pretty cliche but I’ll give my life to that.



On a lighter note

Three things you’re consuming right now 

I’m always consuming loads of satsumas (lols). I’m reading Sadie Robertson’s book at the moment and that’s super inspiring – she is such a boss! Music-wise, I love my dad’s (Iron Lung) new record and Amanda Cook’s new one! It’s really amazing! I don’t really watch much Netflix. Tom does, but he likes things like Designated Survivor or Homeland and I can’t really deal with them, so if I watch it with him I have to wear noise cancelling headphones – ha!

You’re stranded on an island and only have one thing with you what is it?

I’d take Tom with me, He’s my favourite travel partner. But if he’s not allowed to come then maybe I’d take Monopoly Deal with me – I love that game. Obvs, I’d sneak a bible out to the island too!



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